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You Might Be A Techie

You Might Be A Techie

Wondering why all of a sudden when anyone around needs help with their computer or laptop they call out for your name? You might well be a techie. However, you still can’t be very sure about it just because you are their savior with computer problems. A lot of people need help with restarting their computer. Helping them out doesn’t really make you a techie. You really want to know whether you are a techie or not? Don’t look out for signs from outside. Find out by your personal habits whether you are one or not. Here are some signs.

You are highly addicted to caffeine

Proud Of Caffeine Addiction

Proud Of Caffeine Addiction

Well, a lot of people are addicted to caffeine and it doesn’t really make you a techie. But it is a good thing to start with because all the techies are caffeine addicts (at least most of them are). So whether you are working or not working, on your computer or off your computer, on the phone or off the phone, you always have a coffee mug in your hand.

The only physical thing you get to do is Geo-caching

A techie doesn’t really care whether he is getting any physical workout or not. All he cares about how his fingers are getting exercised over the keyboard. If the only outdoor thing for you is Geo-caching and no other workouts are the part of your life, you might well be a techie. A piece of advice though; some physical exercise other than geo-caching might actually be helpful.

You have multiple email addresses

Most people can’t even manage one email address properly. However, you are so skilled that you are able to efficiently manage five to six email addresses. Managing multiple email addresses requires some skills and not everyone can do it. It takes a lot of doing. But for a techie that you are, it is a simple thing. Well, if you have multiple email addresses, you are quite likely a techie.

There is nothing called pen and paper in your life

Paper? Only If It Is Digital

Paper? Only If It Is Digital

Paper and pen is an age old concept for you. You don’t have any and you have not seen any in a long time. All you know is a notepad on your computer and calendar on your phone to keep notes and reminders. If this is the case with you, you are a techie.

What does the word ‘book’ mean?

You have really forgotten the concept of reading books. The only thing you know is Google search bar and Wikipedia for all our general knowledge needs. By the way you don’t need general knowledge of the world. The only knowledge you look Google up for is related to tech. A good sign you are a techie.

You have not met most of your friends personally

Most of your friends are virtual friends who you have only seen on Facebook. This does not mean they don’t exist in flesh and bone. It simply means you don’t know them personally. You have met them online. If this is the case you are a techie.

Your girlfriend is jealous of your computer

If you are girlfriend thinks that you have fallen for someone (or something) else and you are cheating on her and that someone is your computer, high chances you are a techie.

Techies don’t really know that they are one until they are told. In fact, most of techies don’t want to be called a techie. If you don’t know whether you are a techie or not, the signs above will help you understand.

Do Not Share Every Detail... Protect Your Intimacy

Do Not Share Every Detail… Protect Your Intimacy

As we say and believe that you can share anything with friends and they listen to you with patience and do not judge you. We all are quite open to friends to talk anything and everything of our lives. However, there are few things that you should AVOID sharing with your friends about your relationship. And it’s you who have to decide what to hide from whom and what to tell to whom. Still, there are certain things which are strict no-no.

If you have been cheated

Cheating Partner? Are You Sure It Is Over?

Cheating Partner? Are You Sure It Is Over?

If you have been cheated by somebody and you have dumped them, feel free to share with your friends and they would welcome it coz that’s over now. However, if you are being cheated, never share it directly with your friends. In long run you might reconcile with your partner since you love them and they mean everything to you, but your friends won’t as they love you, not your partner.

Your Partner’s past

If your partner had a bad and embarrassing past and you feel bad about it, you might well like to gain sympathy for your partner by telling it to your friends. But you should avoid such information and stories with your friends. In long run it will invite you troubles as someday they might accidentally share the same sympathy in front of your partner, which will put your in danger.

Uncertain Suspicions about your Partner

At times, you may get a little possessive of your partner when they are opening up with someone and tend to feel that they are cheating on you. This might be true or equally untrue. During such uncertain situations, you might feel an urge to get answers and advices from your friends. Rest assured that if your suspicions turn out to be false, you are ruining yours and your partners image altogether.

Your Unpleasant but Petty Fights

If You And Your Partner Argue In Bed... Keep It Between the Two Of You

If You And Your Partner Argue In Bed… Keep It Between The Two Of You

It’s fine to tell share with your friends that you had a fight with your significant other. But don’t make it a habit of sharing the details of the fights just to ensure that you want to be seen innocent in front of your friends. Off course, there are few with whom you can consult for honest opinion, if required.

Your Intimate Life

It Is called Couple's Intimacy For A Reason...  Don't Over Share

It Is called Couple’s Intimacy For A Reason… Don’t Over Share

Just because you are so open with your friends about anything and have had all the fun together, does not mean that you share your sexual details with them. Most of times, it’s quite embarrassing for your friends because they have seen you in a serious relationship with your partner. To say it very straight, you should respect yours and your partners love, privacy and relationship.

Last but not the least, while talking to friends; never compare your partner with your ex or their partner or anyone more cool or hot; good or bad. You won’t realize this, but while you are doing it, you are unintentionally developing a sense of dislike and comparison for your partner, which in someday is going to ruin your relationship.

Resist Alcohol Temptation

Resist Alcohol Temptation

Alcohol resistance can be a huge problem especially if you’re addicted to alcohol. There are people who still think they should hit the bottom before they start considering withdrawal. Such people hardly make it successfully when it comes to completely stopping alcohol addiction. The best thing would be to be motivated and to approach the process of withdrawal freely, without feeling obliged by circumstances. People who make this kind of decision out of an independent evaluation of their situation and the willingness to improve their lifestyle often succeed.

It is absolutely important to consider your inner resistance to change

If You Are An Alcohol Addict The Change Has To Come From Within

If You Are An Alcohol Addict The Change Has To Come From Within

Addiction to alcohol can be hard to handle especially when the drinking problem has been going on for some time. The body gets used to alcohol in-take, and the more you drink, the more your body develops its alcohol tolerance. This can give you the false confidence that you can remain in control. In fact, what happens is that you get more and more involved with alcohol, making it harder for you to withdraw successfully. Resisting the temptation to drink alcohol doesn’t come easily. This should be firmly imprinted upon your mind. Do not be lured to the idea that you can stop drinking whenever you want. You’ll never make it out if you think this way.

Make the decision to quit the addiction

Say Enough Is Enough And Get Help

Say Enough Is Enough And Get Help

This decision should come from you. You may want to get the help of a professional to help you think through the process, but the final decision comes to you. This will be easier if you start developing other positive habits to replace the drinking. First, avoid all occasions where alcohol is served, and stop hanging out with friends who drink. You can choose to do an exercise when you feel like drinking. If you’re a hard drinker, you’ll also experience withdrawal symptoms. You should be ready for this. Some of the symptoms may include nausea, dizziness, giddiness, and irritability. These can be really hard to handle, but you only have to remain firm in your decision as the symptoms only last for some few days.

Get the support from friends and family

It would be a great thing for you to inform your friends and family members about your decision to quit drinking. By giving them your word, you remain accountable for your decision. You will also allow them to give you the moral support you need.

Make The Desicion And Find A Support Group

Make The Desicion And Find A Support Group

The best way to handle alcohol addiction is to understand the root cause of the addiction and to tackle it. When you understand why you drink, you can easily make decisions that will help you. People get addicted for a number of reasons, including stress, depression, peer pressure, and many others. If you find difficulties handling your addiction, then you should consider professional help. Competent professionals will know how to help you go through the process of alcohol withdrawal without experience too much pain.

Manage Your Personal Finances To Stay Frugal

Manage Your Personal Finances To Stay Frugal

It’s a big challenge to be frugal yet not look cheap. These two are very different. Sometimes you think you’re just being thrifty, but you actually already look like cheap. No one wants to look like a tightwad. So how do you remain frugal without appearing cheap?

Look for special deals and coupons online and on paper

Take Advantages Of Special Offers

Take Advantages Of Special Offers

Deals and coupons allow you to get products without paying the full price. You can prepare a coupon bag where you will place all your coupons. Keep this pouch in your car or inside your purse. You can never tell when these coupons will come in handy.

Another way to do it is to keep QR codes on your phone. These codes can be scanned by many stores. Make a folder for these codes and take a look at your phone before you enter a store or dine in a restaurant. It is also a good idea to wait for a sale. You can easily save a significant amount of money when you buy these items when they are on sale.

Create a financial plan

Financial Planning Is The Key

Financial Planning Is The Key

It is important to know how much money you actually have. Make a plan that you can use when saving money without having to compromise your quality of life. The first thing you should do is to set a goal. Maybe you want to pay off your mortgage earlier or you want to retire at a younger age. You should then create a budget. Include your expenses and prepare for emergencies. Identify how much you can place on your emergency fund. In case you get some money from it, be sure to replenish it.

Realize that cheap items may cost you more money later on

A frugal individual goes for a product with quality than a cheap one. This way, he or she can use the item for a long time. Products with poor quality can easily break, which means you’ll have to buy a new one sooner than planned. Also, it may be not as effective as the product with good quality.

Live a simple life

Do Not Buy Things You Do Not Need

Do Not Buy Things You Do Not Need

You don’t need too much to be happy. Stay simple. Reduce your clutter and stick to the basics. Try to appreciate nature. Walk around your neigborhood or go to the park. Spend time with your family without spending money. You can head to a local museum or stay at home and watch a movie.

Be generous when giving gifts

Being generous doesn’t mean shelling out a big amount of money. There are ways to remain generous while remaining frugal. Use whatever talent you have and be creative. Save money and buy someone special a beautiful present. Moreover, give them your time. When you’re with loved ones, focus on them and not on your phones or computers.

If You Are Managing Your Bills, You Can Buy A Few Extra Things

If You Are Managing Your Bills, You Can Buy A Few Extra Things

Living frugally does not mean require huge lifestyle changes. You can still live a comfortable life while saving enough money for the rainy days and for your retirement. It’s just a matter of motivation and being wise with your finances. It may seem hard at first, but it will eventually become a habit.

Facebook Vs Google Plus... Which Is Better For Your Business?

Facebook Vs Google Plus… Which Is Better For Your Business?

There is no question that social media plays an important role for businesses. Through social media, they can promote their brand and interact with potential and existing customers. There are a lot of social networks around. Although it can be very tempting to create a page for every social network you see, it can be very time-consuming. Worse, it may not be not worth your effort. As of now, Facebook is on top of the game. Then again, you just can’t ignore Google Plus. Should your business be on Google Plus or on Facebook or both? Which way should you go?

Amount of users in Facebook and Google Plus

Would You Choose Facebook?

Would You Choose Facebook?

This is Facebook’s advantage. The number of users it has is unparalleled. Businesses are assured that whatever their target audience, they are on Facebook. Google Plus doesn’t have the same number of users as Facebook. However, it also has an edge since its audience is more focused. But these people don’t check their accounts as often as those who are on Facebook, which means that it is more difficult to interact with them. On the other hand, people who use Facebook check the website several times per day.

Engagement features of both sites

Both sites have similarities when it comes to engagement features. Google Plus has +1 and Facebook has the “like” feature. Google Plus has Circles while Facebook has friends lists. Then again, Google Plus only permits you to post photos. With Facebook, fans are able to interact with you. There are apps, events, and even notes. “Friend activity” is another Facebook feature that shows when your company is being mentioned by friends.

How about branding?

Google Plus pages look similar to that of Facebook. Pictures are seen on the top part and posts are located beneath it. Google Plus pages have lots of space while Facebook’s features are found on the left side. When the new Timeline for brands is released by Facebook, businesses will see a big change. They will have a larger branded banner while Google Plus sticks to its five small photos.

Customization features of Facebook and Google Plus

When the customization features of the two sites are compared, Facebook easily dominates. Facebook permits you to create a page filled with trivia questions or even integrate an e-commerce store. Even setting up a calendar is possible in Facebook. There are so many things that you can do in Facebook that you cannot do in Google Plus.

So which do you need?

Would You Choose Google Plus?

Would You Choose Google Plus?

Google Plus has its own benefits, but for now it is no match to Facebook. Running a Google Plus page may not be worth your effort because of the limited audience and the difficulty of engaging consumers.

Even if Facebook leads in many aspects, Google Plus is still a good supplement to your existing online presence. You can run your own page as long as it will not affect your other online marketing efforts. Having both is still much better than only having one or not having any at all.